Oxford Mint 365 Chain Lube 60ml


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Bikes are to be enjoyed year round, no matter the weather, but what can ruin a ride is a squeaky drivetrain. Oxford have all the lubricants you need in their MINT range to keep your drivetrain fresh.

When using your bike every day for commuting for example you need a specially formulated lubricant to perform in dusty or wet conditions and everything in between day in day out.

Superior lubrication your pride and joy deserves, without leaving a stain on the environment.

Key Features
• Special additives for year round use
• Biodegradable lubricant
• Not tested on animals

How To
1. Clean the chain with Mint Chain Cleaner or MINT degreaser (for tougher grease removal) then rinse with warm soapy water. Make sure chain is dry prior to application.
2. Shake the bottle well
3. Secure the bike and slowly rotate the pedals backwards whilst applying a small stream of Mint 365 Lube to the chain.
4. For best results, apply individual beads to each link and allow to settle in for 5 minutes
5. Wipe the underside of the chain with a clean microfibre cloth.