Oxford Mint Chain Cleaner Tool


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Cleaning your chain is now a breeze thanks to Oxford's new Mint Chain Cleaning Machine. Simple to put together and even easier to get your chain clean and ready for your upcoming ride!

Oxford's Mint Chain Cleaning Machine allows you to clean even the dirtiest of chains and still keep the mess contained. The specially designed roller brushes guide the chain through smoothly while also getting in to every inch of the chain and removing all dirt, grit and grime which can damage and shorten the life of your bike's drivetrain.

Key Features
• A speedy alternative to cleaning your chain by hand
• Increases the lifespan of your chain
• Easily removes chain oil, grease and grime in seconds
• Quick and easy to clean and re-use

1. Slide lid back and lift lid to remove (ensure handle is not attached)
2. Fill bottom section with Mint Degreaser (fill above minimum line)
3. Re-fit the lid with the chain inside
4. Slide on handle until you hear a click
5. Hold onto the handle and slowly rotate the crank-arm backwards so the chain completes several revolutions through the machine *
6. Remove degreaser with Mint Bike Wash, then dry the chain with an Oxford microfibre cloth

* For E-Bikes make sure the battery is turned off before going through these steps and use a workshop stand to hold the bike as you pedal forwards