Oxford Shackle 14 Duo U-Lock 320mm x 177mm


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Oxford’s Shackle 14 D-Lock fulfils the three most important requirements of a quality D-Lock:

Highly secure: it comfortably surpasses Sold Secures GOLD standard by using a 14mm special hardened steel shackle and body mated to a simple but powerful locking mechanism with 3 replaceable keys.

Easy to while the largest 320mm should be big enough to encompass the wheel transport: Oxford devised a unique quick-release carry bracket which is both sturdy and super-easy to fit to a huge range of frame and seat post sizes.

Reliable: a top quality pre-oiled locking mechanism is protected by a rubber over-moulded body to cope with the tough outdoor life that locks endure.

The lock comes in 2 sizes; the 260mm length is a good compromise for general use frame and some street furniture. This model can also be purchased with a chunky 1.2m hawser cable to extend its reach.

Key Features• Hardened steel 14mm shackle• Unique carry bracket• Replacement key service• Sold Secure Bicycle GOLD• LK342 comes with 12mm x 1.2m hooped cable

This product has met the high demands of the Police Preferred Specification and has been accredited ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD)SBD is a police initiative which seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in property theft. By encouraging good design and practice SBD aims to reduce the demand on police forces and help us all live in a safer society. To see the full list of our SBD approved products click here

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