Taya Tolve-121 12 Speed Chain Silver 126L


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TAYA has developed a range of chains specifically designed to deal with the greater torque and stress an e-bike delivers to the drivetrain. All current safety standards have been matched, plus the TAYA-DHT (Diamond Hard Treatment) means the chain also has up to HK 2,000 hardness, prolonging the life of the chain.

The E-bike range has shown flawless compatibility with the Bosch series (350W, 75Nm), Yamaha series (500W, 80Nm) as well as other leading E-bike systems and the superior strength of the chains means they are approved for 1000W and 160Nm torque mid-drive systems.

Key Features
• DHT treatment
• E-Bike recomended
• Outer chamfered outer plate
• Inner chamfered plate
• Super length inner chamfer
• Sub punched pins